FFI acquires new slitting/rewinding machine

Fabrics for Industry marketing manager Glen Fortunato announced new slitting and rewinding capabilities due to a state of the art piece of equipment recently purchased by the company. The new piece of equipment is a custom made slitting and rewinding machine that can process and produce larger master rolls of woven and non woven materials.

“The new machine can convert master rolls up to 84 inches wide and 96 inches in diameter. They are very few companies that can handle rolls that large,” Fortunato said. “The rolls produced can be wound onto cores which range in size from 3 inches in diameter to 12 inches in diameter.”

This new piece of equipment, known as the Phoenix, is able to operate at a top speed of 2000 feet per minute and can slit material consistently and accurately within a tolerance of 1/16 of an inch or better depending on the customer’s request.

“This machine’s performance is amazing,” Machine Operator Joe Scicchitano said. “It’s so fast and the rolls I am producing are of the highest quality.

Fabrics for Industry added the new machine to its arsenal of slitting equipment to keep up with production demands, gain a foothold into untapped markets, and create opportunities for new business. Slitting and rewinding has become one of the company’s fastest growing departments.

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  1. Machines performing slitting help bring the semi-raw material into a form that can be used to make many things. These machines also sell for a high price since they are something that will always be in high in demand.